Welcome to YVAINE!

YVAINE is a web-based front end to create and manage virtual machine instances. They can be located in the KIT, based on VMware infrastucture environments, and in the Amazon Web Services Cloud, located in Frankfurt (currently not active). Instances are based on pre-defined virtual machine templates. To participate, you first have to register with your existing home account. You will receive an email with an activation link, which has to be execute to complete the registration process. Afterwards please perform a fresh login to see and use all available features.

Please use a current version of modern web browsers. You have to enable Cookies and JavaScript in your web browser to use all features of this site. Furthermore try to use the availabe command buttons and do not navigate or refresh the website via browser commands or buttons. Visit the help section to get further information about using virtual machines and feel free to give feature feedback und bug reports to imporove the service and to fix any problems.

This is not an established standard service, but is built on top of a stable backend designed for developers and scientists, and is also used in some research projects. There is also a Windows stand alone client application for Microsoft .NET 4.7 with more administrative management and monitoring features. The previous .NET 4.0 based standalone client is still available, but feature (and bug) freezed. If you are interested in programming your own client: The backend system is accessible by a WCF based SOAP API, feel free to use the linked WSDL and test it. An API Class Documentation is also available.

Contact: Matthias Bonn
Anwendungen, Middleware und IT-Architektur (AMA)